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Money-back Guarantee:  If for any reason you are not delighted with my show, I will refund 100% of your money.  No questions asked.  It's in the contract.  (No one has taken me up on that yet!)


Close-up Magic . . . at Home or Work


It's one thing to watch a magician perform on TV, but another to see it performed live and up close IN YOUR OWN LIVING ROOM, right before your own astonished eyes!


A century and more ago, before movies, TV, and radio, it was common for people to have their friends over for a fun, relaxed evening of games, charades, salons, or story-telling in their living room or front parlour.   Thus was born parlour magic, in which a magician or psychic would be hired to entertain guests. 


Sound like fun?  It still is!  For little more than the price of going out to a movie or dinner with 15 of your friends,  you can have Magician & Mentalist Méliès provide an intimate and thrilling experience of live magical theater in your home.  45- and 90-minute private shows available, featuring mentalism and classic sleight of hand:


  • Casual living room and after-dinner shows

  • Parties and Special Events for family or friends

  • Birthday celebrations




Fee Structure



Contact me about my fee, which varies according to ability to pay (higher rates apply to corporate clients).  I'm a big admirer of the "Why Cheap Art? Manifesto" of the Bread and Puppet Theater, whose message is, "Art should be cheap!  Hurrah!"  So if you can't afford my usual fee, let me know what you can afford.  I'll always find a way to perform for you.


I also believe in giving back to the community.  So if you run a small nonprofit with a limited budget, or are a grassroots activist trying to make the world a better place, please contact me about my special discounted rates.  Depending on my availability, I also perform free shows for organizations involved in direct service work (homeless shelters, services for victims of violence, children's hospitals, etc.). 





Fully Insured


I am professionally insured through Hampson Mowrer Kreitz in Pennsylvania. 

(So you needn't worry if I accidentally change one of your guests into a newt.) 



S e r v i c e s  &  R a t e s

What You Get


A professional, fun-filled 45-90 minute program featuring truly MYSTERIOUS and ASTONISHING magical effects, delivered with sophisticated wit and humor.  I specialize in parlor and

 small-stage magic for adults, including birthday parties, anniversaries, marriage proposals, and special events.  But all of my shows are family-friendly and  feature audience participation, making my shows appropriate for all ages. 

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