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It was a FANTASTIC magic show - truly amazing. The audience was a mixture of skeptical teenagers and even more skeptical and cynical adults. Melies just dazzled them all. There were oohs and ahhas and increasingly sounds of wait! "how is that even possible"? One academic turned to me and said, "maybe it really is magic". In addition to a fabulous performance, Melies was utterly professional, funny and generous to the lone child who showed up, finding a great way to involve him in the show. All in all, can't recommend him highly enough.

         -- Leslie L., Newton



Wonderful performer! I had a tough group of Tweens and Mielies handled them with graciousness and wit. The show was terrific and the morning after the kids were all trying to do card magic tricks! I highly recommend him to anyone.

- Charlotte J
Amazing and Talented!  I hired Magician Melies for a New Year's Eve event and he was amazing. From the start, he was so excited to come up with a fun way to incorporate his magic show into the theme for the event. The guests were blown away and my clients were impressed also. He even came in a special costume, that I had asked him to rent! If you want a talened magician, I HIGHLY reccomend you call him!!

S.Y.B Event Planning Services - President


Magician Melies absolutely shined with his magic tricks during the show he put on for my 26th birthday. I wanted to do something different and decided to hire a magician for a party of all adults. I'm so glad I did because we couldn't stop talking about his show! Thank you John for putting on a great show for my rowdy group of friends!

- Phi T

An amazing show!!  The Magician Méliès performed at my private event in Somerville. We surprised my guests with the show and they were blown away! I am still hearing about how much everyone enjoyed the show and I expect to be for a while. Magician Méliès shocked my friends for an hour straight, leaving everyone in awe, and full of wonder. I HIGHLY recommend him for your event, for any age. He is incredible, so kind, and such a pleasure to work with.

   -- Lauren Wadsworth, Photographer

Magician Melies was such a hit at my husband's 50th a few years ago, I booked him for my 50th last month. While kids will enjoy it, this is a show to blow the mind of all age groups. His skill is astounding. And his dry deadpan humor hilarious. Part of his schtick is to be a little bumbling, but don't let that fool you, he is in complete control. The lemon trick - OMG, the newspaper bits and good old fashioned cards -we still talk about how he could have pulled those tricks off. Not tricks people, illusions!  For the recent party we had him rove through the mingling, gathering small groups around him. It was a lovely ice breaker and made for a special evening. We also had him in front of the group for a short set -about 20 minutes, though he has plenty of material for a longer show. (We had musical performers as well, so were running a tight ship time wise).

 -- Jennifer E., Accupuncturist

Great Magician

I've had the privilege of seeing The Magician Melies perform in a number of venues in front a diversity of audiences, from the large and noisy to the intimate and reverent. Each time, he delights, stuns and mystifies. Not only are the tricks beautifully executed, but Melies connects with every member of his audience through his engaging storytelling, warmth and humor. I will admit that I was not drawn to magic before I encountered THIS magician...but I am now a huge fan of magicians and the art of magic, more generally. This the mark of a great magician.

    -- Chris B., College professor

Outstanding.  John’s performances were outstanding. First, he got on time to the venue for setting. John is a charming, respectful and kind person. I loved all of his effects on the stage. I was really impressed with his show. John was so kind that he extended the show for one hour at our resident Halloween Party in Fenway. We only paid him for 30 minutes. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
  -- Margarita, Boston non-profit

Makes happiness appear out of thin air.   John performed a magic show for my wife's company party. It was fantastic. The show was a mixed group of adults and children, and John did a wonderful job of keeping both groups engaged and entertained. Although the act is mostly aimed at adults, John did a great job of both engaging the children and was very sensitive to their engagement -- "speeding things up" in order to hang onto their short attention spans. As an adult audience member, I enjoyed his humor and very much enjoyed the magic he brought into our day.

  -- Mark S., Lexington


 Actual Posted reviews on GigMasters, GigSalad & Thumbtack, 2014-16

Expert magician and mentalist, created fun as well as depth, was attuned to the audience and worked well with the event themes.
  -- Naomi S.


To say that your performance exceeded expectations is a gross understatement. It was far, far beyond anything I expected.  We still don't know how he did it! But beyond that, he became a true part of our gathering for several hours. He made everyone feel very comfortable and involved everyone in some aspect of his performance. It was like John was an old friend of everyone there, not a stiff, distant participant. It is hard to articulate, but he was a joy to have as a part of our gathering, and the magic was almost a bonus!

      -- Paul W. (wife's birthday party)

Best Magician in Boston for 2015 (Thumbtack)



What a show!!! We had 35 young adults (17 and 18 year olds) for a 18th birthday party. They were a very talkative crowd and Magician Melies maintained everyone's attention and kept them at the edge of their seats. No one could believe what they were seeing. One after another each act was better than the last. The kids were very involved and had a great time! He was very professional to work with, arrived promptly and set up easily. We would love to work with him again. We highly recommend Magician and Mentalist Melies.
  -- Nancy B., Brookline, MA
The magician Melies was nothing short of AMAZING!! From our initial communications arranging logistics right down to his spectacular performance, John was an absolute pleasure to work with. We hired him for our small company holiday party and John was so engaging and had our group laughing and astonished by his talent and magic the entire time. We will definitely be hiring John again for future events and highly recommend him to anyone looking to "Wow" a crowd, big or small! Thank you, John!!
   -- Tina, Arch Street Capital
Méliès performed for our staff Holiday party and was simply amazing. The detail, showmanship, and professionalism was second to none. He was able to take a group of seventy people and take us on a journey through the evolution of magic through stories, illusions, and his clear love of the arts. The performance was over an hour and he had us on the edge of our seats the whole time. He did an amazing job of working with the staff, rowdy and shy, and kept a calm and professional demeanor the entire show. He received a well deserved standing ovation at the end! Book him now for your party or event and you will be in for an experience you will not soon forget! Thanks!
    --  Director, Montessori School, Boston
We hired Méliès for my brother's 50th birthday party--everybody raved about how awesome the show was.  We really enjoyed it!   Thank you, John!
- Jay N., Norton
We were spellbound by the amazing magic!  The Magician Melies performed for our club and charmed everyone with his warm personality and intelligent humor. He is a superb magician and we will definitely ask him to perform for us again!
  - Debbie O'C., Watertown
Awesome!  John performed an amazing show at my husband's surprise party. He wowed our guests for 1 1/2 hours. He is more than a magician. He came out with things that he would have no way of knowing. Truly impressive. I would highly recommend him!
  -- Cheryl, Raynham
(for husband's 65th birthday party)

He was amazing. I had 38 women for a bridal shower. They are still taking about Magician - his skills are beyond imaginable. I would recomend him highly. He made the party !! We loved him!

    - Nannette, Boston

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