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I hosted Magician and Mentalist Méliès in Cummington, MA for an evening show in the parlor of a historic 19th century house - what an incredible experience! The crowd couldn't stop laughing and folks were often left in disbelief, shock and amazement after each illusion and his mind-reading tricks! The spirit séance at the end left us all bewildered and curious for more! I highly recommend this incredibly talented performer - his shows are not to be missed!
                        -- Andrea C., Northampton
John performed an amazing show at my husband's surprise party. He wowed our guests for 1 1/2 hours. He is more than a magician. He came out with things that he would have no way of knowing. Truly impressive. I would highly recommend him!
              -- Cheryl E.

What an incredible talent. Magician Melies was just outstanding. He performed a show that was engaging for all of the guests and got many of them involved in his superb magic! Everyone had a fabulous experience . He made the party outstanding!!!!!

                -- Trudi Feinstein

                (President of Feinstein Events)

I cannot express how happy we were with your performance last night.  Everyone cannot stop talking about how amazing you were.   I would recommend you in a heartbeat!!!!  Thank you for being such a big part of my husband Terry's 60th birthday surprise party!  

   -- Carol B., W. Bridgewater

This magic show was the best I've seen. We had the Magician Melies perform for my mom's birthday. We were all blown away with the wonderful magic, illusions, and display of psychic abilities. It was truly astounding. Not only was the magic impressive, but everyone enjoyed the jokes and good humor in-between tricks. Highly recommended for all ages at any occasion. Your guests will be delighted.
     -- Annie E., Cambridge
As I am the person responsible for our event planning, I am understandably, a bit nervous hiring a performer, if he/she isn't a hit, I feel it reflects on me. This year I hired Magician & Mentalist Méliès, and learned that I had absolutely nothing to worry about, he was a huge hit! Everyone loved the show, claims of "What?!" and "OMG, how?!" were uttered most of the evening and are still being spoken this morning, back in the office! The show was amazing and John was great to work with, pleasant, professional and accommodating!
           -- Lynda W., corporate client (2018)

Phenomenal performance!

Magician Melies performed at a retirement luncheon and mesmerized us!!!! It was three days ago and we're still talking about it. John is a pleasure to work with, is very accommodating, and will blow your mind. Many of us said that we could have watched him perform for hours. Worth every penny!

       -- Liz, Moharimet School, NH

We attended Magician Melies' Halloween show in Davis Square. Magician Melies kept the audience off balance (in a good way) and scratching its collective head, wondering, “HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE DO THAT?” He is an awesome performer with a keen, self-deprecating wit and a full heart. You will love the show and hate to see it end.
         -- Valerie S. and Sam D., Arlington
One of the best magic shows I've ever seen. It went way beyond mere smoke and mirrors. Outstanding!
          -- David D., Worcester
We hired John for my brother's 50th birthday party everybody raved about how awesome the show was, we really enjoyed it--thank you, John.
           -- Jay N., Norton

This is the Magician you're looking for!

Méliès performed for our staff Holiday party and was simply amazing. The detail, showmanship, and professionalism was second to none. He was able to take a group of seventy people and take us on a journey through the evolution of magic through stories, illusions, and his clear love of the arts. The performance was over an hour and he had us on the edge of our seats the whole time. He did an amazing job of working with the staff, rowdy and shy, and kept a calm and professional demeanor the entire show. He received a well deserved standing ovation at the end! Book him now for your party or event and you will be in for an experience you will not soon forget! Thanks!

   -- Brian C.

John was awesome!!  Very accommodating and reasonably priced. His "act" was extremely good. Our entire group was dumbfounded on how he was doing the things he was doing. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking for a Magician/Mentalist.

   -- Doug B.

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Guaranteed you'll gasp in amazement

I give Méliès' magic the heartiest of recommendations. Guaranteed you'll laugh out loud and gasp in amazement - probably all at once. I've seen him perform in several settings, from small gatherings to a large birthday party, and he's always fun, engaging, and masterful.

  -- Curt N., Medford

HIRE THIS COMPANY - Great Experience!

John was amazing from start to finish! We asked him to dress in plain clothes and mingle with guests before a quick 20 minute show. Our guests loved it. This was a business networking event and having this element really allowed people to loosen up! It was great!

   -- Heather L., Event Planner

Everyone is still talking about it!! "Awesome" and "amazing" are the two words I have heard the most [from my office staff]! Thanks again for making my party a huge success!!
        -- Claudia H., Plainsville
       (Century 21 Real Estate)
It was a great show. John kept the audience engaged and entertained throughout the show. Some folks are still trying to figure out how he did what he did.
   -- Bill W., Event Planner
AMAZING! Very Talented! We are very pleased that we hired Melies!
       -- Jessica B., DSI Distribution
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